The Prep Market is an added benefit for businesses to advertise their business and showcase their products and services. We have specifically designed The Prep Market so that advertisers and marketers will receive maximum bang for their ad dollars.

Total viewership reach: 25K to 100K viewers and content interactions per year.
Where we market The Prep Market?
Websites, Newsletter, Magazine, Radio, OnLine TV, Social Media and Live Events.

The Prep Market pricing for merchant subscribers is only $99.00 per year
(which is less than the cost of one lunch per month)
plus any premium advertising auctions.
Think of us as you would a specialized traditional member-based organization but in the arena for advertisers and marketers.
Simply put, we aggregate our subscriber advertisers in one market place, ThePrepMarket.com
We are able to maintain affordability for marketers by operating as a collective and strategically placing The Prep Market in destinations that are mainly owned and/or controlled by us.
Therefore our approach dramatically lowers the competition for the people and businesses who can utilize your services and take advantage of your offers.

The Prep Market is the source that powers and sponsors mostly all of our online content, online event TV and radio properties.
Additional benefits of The Prep Market for merchant subscribers include the following:

*Business contact and website listing
*Company logo and business description display
*Commercial and ad placement
*Ability to post coupons and product offerings
*Priority access to premium advertising auctions including online TV, cable, radio, sports magazine and at select live events.

Ready to get started? Become a merchant subscriber today!
Visit www.theprepmarket.com