The Prep Market list and showcase community based businesses through our membership based platform. One of the major benefits f our members is that we advertise the Prep Market as a whole entity and by operating as a collective we’re able to draw web viewers to our website while keeping our members’ advertising cost at a minimum.

The Prep Market also serves as an e-commerce marketplace solution that connects web visitors with our members and affiliates who offer various products, goods and services.
Members benefit from cost effective advertising and increased demand for their services through a concentrated community based network where web visitors can view and patronize your business on one consolidated platform.

Benefits of The Prep Market for merchant subscribers include the following:

Company logo and business description display


Commercial and ad placement


Ability to post coupons and products on the “Shop The Market” page.


Priority access to premium advertising auctions including online sporting events, sports magazine and live events.

Businesses are displayed directly on The Prep Market website.

About The Prep Market Community.

The Prep Market viewing community is a network of individuals and families whose interest is generated from sports related content and media. Our community is made up of fans of elite level high school, college and professional athletes, coaches and teams. These fans, athletes, families and the community at large are made up of the everyday people who buy common goods and services and who need and rely on consultants and businesses who offer specialized services.

We draw interest and traffic to The Prep Market by marketing through powerful media outlets including but not limited to The US Power Broadcast Sports Network, ESPN Charlotte, cable TV and US Prep Athletes The Magazine (print and website).

In lieu of selling numerous individual ads and commercials through our media partners, we offer The Prep Market as an advertising collective. By aggregating small and medium sized businesses, we’re able to knock down the enormous cost for our memebers to advertise and showcase their products and services.

About The North American Sports Market.

According to a report by Statista the sports market size in 2017 for the North America sports market had a value of about 69.14 billion U.S. dollars. This figure is expected to rise to 80.3 billion by 2022.
The sports market is composed of the segments gate revenues, media rights, sponsorships and merchandising.

Sports in the United States – An exciting and vibrant industry to market your products and services.

Today’s sports market size is experiencing strong growth decade upon decade, with extraordinary levels of revenue. On the global level and in the U.S., gate receipts represent the largest revenue segment in the sports market. With regards to the sponsorship sector, which includes revenues generated by payments from companies to have their products associated and marketed with a sporting event, team or league, has also been expanding in the past years with no signs of slowing down.
What this means is that companies are experiencing the greatest bang for their advertising dollars by participating and marketing their services through the sporting industry.
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